Lisa here, the other half of the brewing and brewery team. One of the few intrepid brewers of our sex. The experience of starting this brewery and beginning to brew beer has been one of various emotions. At times I have been as giddy as a child, wiggling with excitement to get to the next step. This morning, for example, I was raring to go. Our project, begin gathering ingredients and grind grain to brew our first batch of beer. I sourced a place for a special sugar needed. Score! Then to the grinding of the grain, 60 pounds of it. Bore! I created a new recipe for a special kind of stout two days ago and made it at home to see if it is brewery worthy. Fun and exciting, but after 7 hours of it, tiring. I painted lots of walls and the bathroom and felt a great sense of accomplishment. I made an unconventional coat hanger for the walls. I love the drill and the widgets and screws and tools. I grow impatient with the waiting and watching and stirring. I want to open now and the beer to be ready now and glorious acclaim now.

But beer is a magical, wonderful thing and takes time and hard work. Simple ingredients turn into something complex. Grain, yeast and hops to something divine, and all the work is worthwhile.  Can’t wait for the first customer to taste my first beer!

Brewing and Creating the Brewery from a Women’s perspective