Well our baby brewery had a wonderful welcome into the world. Craft beer brings out the best in  people. We met the most interesting, friendly, funny and smart people on our opening day and I have made some new friends.The first couple in the door, tugging on it at 11:50, were a lovely older couple with sage words of wisdom. They have seen many breweries rise and fall in their 30 plus years of visiting new ones. Then there were the guys in the neighborhood that just happened by and asked how long we’d been open. Many came through with the pass books. There were all you devoted souls who have been casing the joint for months and following our website and finally got your reward. There were people in the neighborhood who stopped by that I hope we see a lot of and those who wanted glasses or coasters we don’t have yet. Bring your growler and we will fill it. We still have many gallons of beer to go on this beginning of our new episode. It’s great to have you all along for the fabulous ride. Am I really getting paid for this? It all makes me very, very happy!

Brewing and Musing from a Woman’s Perspective-Episode 6