I have been a busy woman this past month. I have not had a moment to write or reflect for the constant doing. I have brewed gallons and gallons of beer, ground hundreds of pounds of grain and cleaned, filled and rolled multiple kegs. The rolling, at 6 minutes a keg, is a form of the yoga pose Downward Dog. For all those who have been encouraging me to do yoga over the years, all I need is a yoga mat. This is the first time I have been successful at yoga. The only difference is I am listening to Nirvana at full blast. It’s a new form of yoga-Cold Keg Yoga. Should be catching on soon, after “Hot Yoga”has run it’s course.

It’s been a year since my husband and I have started this brewery journey. The building and preparation have come to an end and a new phase is beginning. For me, it has been kind of like pregnancy over the last 9 months. And now the wait is over and motherhood is about to begin. The birth is on Saturday, February 15th, from 12-6. Come celebrate with us. The beer awaits.

Brewing from a Woman’s Perspective – Episode 5