We have recently introduced a new offering to ourIMG_0728 customers-the “Crowler”. It’s a 32 ounce to go can with about a month shelf life and very light-weight. Why would you need this you say? Let me count the ways!

  1.  Great for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, boating or lying around the house drinking
  2. Good Growler alternative, especially if you forgot to bring your growler, have too many growlers, or just want to take home 2 pints instead of four.
  3. Perfect for gifts for friends and family to introduce them to our yummy beer
  4. Ideal to grab some Crowlers of your favorite beer when it’s on tap to enjoy when it is not on tap
  5. Pick up some Limited Release or Special Seasonal Brews, such as Hoppe the Belgian, Apricot Thai Basil, Pumpkin Saison and Holiday Saison.

To the left is Lindy, one of our volunteers, enjoying a cold “Crowler”minutes after arriving home after a long brew day. Cheers!

“Crowler” Annoucement