Hoppe the Belgian

Frothy, tan head provides a beautiful compliment to this maroon hued beer. Sweet notes of caramel, toffee, and clove on the nose. Rich malty profile with a maple toastiness upfront. Finishes fruity and hopped to the nines. Quite a big range of flavors in this unique Belgian brew.

Yeast:Belgian Ale

Smokin’ Blonde

Belgian Blonde made with Cherry Wood malt. Fruity notes are showcased with a truly smoked aromatic and flavorful backbone. True Belgian notes of coriander and citrus with a subtle leather finish. Great pair with some BBQ on a hot evening or enjoying a nice mild and fruity blend of tobacco.

White IPA

A session IPA brewed with barley and wheat malts. We added some of the popular hops like Amarillo, Citra and Belma. Easy drinking due to its low ABV.


Belgian Tropical IPA

A Belgian inspired IPA with tropical notes. We used a Belgian yeast that produces tropical flavors and coupled that with  hops which further enhance the whole tropical flavor experience.