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“For me personally: I love the fact that you guys are kid-friendly, wonderful service and always helped with a smile on your face, sensational Saison, great ambiance. Perfect for spending a few hours having a chat with friends, meeting some other locals, and great seasonal selection of beers! Don’t forget to mention the delicious empanadas!”
– Barbara Van Hove

“Cozy friendly place! The beer is great, the owners are the nicest people you could ever meet and the other customers always make newcomers feel very welcome to join in their conversations.”
– Dawn

“Tin Dog has the ability to add and test various flavors to their beers since they are on a smaller system. They can be very small and agile in their business model. They have flexibility in their hours and they are open when they say they are going to be open. There is a Cheers/Neighborhood feel here versus a traditional taproom. Their open, welcome environment allows children to be there and pets.”
– Norresa Calos

“Very drinkable crafted beer. Saison is a flagship. Try it. Great conversation and people that listen. Great atmosphere. It’s not super crowded here, it’s relaxed. Your time and visit is appreciated. As well as you appreciate the art of the Tin Dog beverage. Check it out.”
– Kris

“It feels like family”
– William Ward

“You make delicious beer- I think that is the most important! It is not too crafty tasting or weird or experimental-just good.”
– Elizabeth Knopf

“Tin Dog’s décor and casual, friendly vibe reflects the diverse working class character of the South Park Neighborhood. Great neighborhood brewery in a community that needed more microbrewery choices. Tin Dog has a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that is universally appealing whether you are a regular local patron or just stopping by for the first time. Smaller, more intimate seating area encourages more social interaction. Strangers talk with each other. Or sing along together at Open Mic Night! Tin Dog Brewery has an honesty and authenticity that carries through the whole experience, from tasting the superbly crafted Belgian-styled beers to enjoying the cool brewpub space. Simplicity, sustainability and Spartan utility are expressed in the form, function, and aesthetics of the brewery, from the re-purposed wood and metal fabrication to the proudly displayed, shiny brew tanks. Dog Friendly: after a fun romp in nearby Westcrest Off-Leash Park, Caylie and me love to stop in for a pint! Belgian-style brews are approachable and fun for both the micro-beer newbie and the connoisseur!”
– Rene Senos

“Very intimate experience being able to talk one on one with Brewers about their craft while drinking their craft. Unique little spot with a comfortable neighborhood feel. I will definitely be back!”
– Square Customer Feedback

“Repartee you could never get from a big venue. I am pleased to find that the ownership is all about South Park pride!”
– Square Customer Feedback

“Good time was had by all. The food was fabulous, the entertainment was awesome. Sabot even enjoyed it!! :)”
– Square Customer Feedback

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